Krista's ability as interpreter heightened my vacation experience in Tokyo. Not only was she fluent in her speech, her knowledge and appreciation for Japanese culture was exceptional.
Liz Jordan, Premier Property Detailing (Carlsbad)
My 4 year-old son, Shawlin, has taken Japanese under the superb direction of Krista Yamada for over two years. As a native English speaker, I was concerned that he would not grasp the complexities and nuances of Japanese and end up frustrated. My worries proved unfounded. Krista is a phenomenal teacher with not only a firm grasp of the language, but also of her students' individual learning needs. She spends countless hours in preparation for each lesson and instills the same sense of dedication in her students. I often call her to ask whether the sounds my son is making are actually Japanese words. Most often they are! The benefits of learning Japanese are endless for my son. Not only will he master a second language but he is learning about another culture that he otherwise would not be exposed to in our geographical area. Thank you Krista for your diligence and thoughtful attention to your students.
Wehtahnah Tucker (Encinitas)
Krista Yamada has the uncanny ability of making language translation look fun. Krista’s many passionate years of teaching and living in Japan have given her wisdom not only in the language; she also understands the nuances and mysteries of the culture so important for understanding its language. Her style is very approachable and her high level of organization skills showed me that she was not wasting my time or money.
Pam Wagner (Minnesota)
I took a Japanese language course from Krista and she has excellent teaching skills. She was organized, made the learning process fun, and made me feel as if I was making good progress. I highly recommend Krista as a teacher, or for any other position.
Dave Wawracz, Health Insurance Consultant
When I first started living in America my English skills were very meager. However, Krista, with her understanding of Japanese language and culture, was able to help me become comfortable here. She helped me understand about life here, daily living and how to relate to Americans. It can be very scary raising a child in a foreign country, but for me, whatever came up Krista was always there to help. Her lessons were fun too! And I found the time always flew by faster than I had wished.
Kyoko (Translated from the original Japanese version)
I've worked with Krista Yamada for several years now. I started with taking several of her Japanese classes. I am still amazed at how much I learned with such ease. I'm no whiz when it comes to learning a second language. Having Japanese In-laws, I've used Krista's help on several occasions with letter writing, translation and the how-to customs. What I found the most helpful is the explanation of customs...the history...the why's, because when I know the reasons and purpose, I can feel comfortable that I am relaying my feelings without offending.
K.A. Wawracz